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Ai for Kids

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This course introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) by providing a balanced mix of theory and practical experiences around machine learning systems and building things with them.

Lesson after lesson we will introduce fundamental concepts and stimulate discussions about these innovative technologies. We also believe that the best way for kids to learn about AI/ML is for them to get hands-on, first-hand experiences. If they can train a computer to do something, they will get a good understanding of the system at large.

In our practical activities we make use of kid-friendly platforms for training machine learning models to recognise text, numbers, images, or sounds. This builds on existing efforts to introduce and teach coding to children, by adding these models to educational coding platforms such as Scratch, and helping young coders create projects and build games with the machine learning models they train.

Level advanced
Age 12–16
Language English
Locations Tennoji, Osaka
Requisites Reading and Writing in English
No programming experience required
Number of lessons 24 classes
Group 1Group:2022年2月3日
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Topics and Objectives

By the end of the course students will understand several key concepts about AI, ML and algorithms, recognize different kinds of AI applications, know how to use data for Machine Learning and understand some of the issues that can arise with AI in society. In the last module of the course, students will work in teams or individually to design and build a prototype using machine learning algorithms.

These are the topics that we will touch during the course:

  • AI and Machine Learning

    What is Artificial Intelligence? What is Machine Learning? Students will become able to answer those questions and gain the knowledge necessary to grasp the immense potential and opportunities that these technologies bring.

  • Image Recognition

    We will discover and understand how facial recognition works, explore some of the uses of facial recognition, recognize some of the issues surrounding facial recognition (such as privacy and bias in facial recognition) and build a facial recognition application.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Language processing is at the base of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, automatic translators and chatbots. We appreciate real life applications of this technology, and build a natural language recognition model.

  • Games AI

    Games are a great way to introduce machine learning. The kids can train the computer to be able to do a job they know very well – playing a game – that would be difficult to do using the rules-based approach to coding that they normally use.

  • AI in Context

    The specific knowledge on AI is put in context by exploring a wide range of machine learning applications and assessing the social and ethical impact of the use of AI algorithms in society and how it can shape our future.

  • Practical projects and final presentation

    The many hands-on experiences done during the course will become the base for the planning, designing and prototyping of a final project done by students induvidually or in teams. It will be presented in front of parents.

Timetable 2022

DAYThursdays TIME17:10-18:10/18:30-19:30
  • Facial Recognition

  • Chat bots and voice assistants

  • Game AI

  • Game AI

  • Image Recognition

  • AI and ethics



    24 Classes

    1 hour each, weekly pace

    ¥ 4,500 / lesson
    ¥ 4,050 / lesson 10% OFF

    Classes materials ¥2,000 ¥1,000

    Billed in total as ¥98,200

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All classes provide:
  • 1 Laptop and mouse for each student:
  • Licences and accounts to specific software used in class:
  • 1 Laptop and mouse for each student:
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