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We are looking for talented new teachers that help us provide excellent tutoring, dream bigger and perform better.

Who we are looking for

These are the most important characteristics and traits we look out for when we hire new teachers for our team:

  • Native or Advanced English speakers

  • Experience with children and teenagers

  • Professional or Academic background in Science, Tech, Engineering, Design, Maths or Education.

  • Motivated, thoughtful and kind


We are working to empower the new generations with the skills and knowledge of programming, and are committed to strengthen the human connections and friendship between people from all over the world through technology and communication.

  • Care Deeply

  • Cultivate Curiosity

  • Inspire through action

  • Encourage diversity

Hear from the team

  • Kevin



    YouCode was established in February 2018 as one of the few programming classes in Japan where students can learn in English. Our job is to communicate the importance of "practical English" and "programming" to children in a fun way. In order to achieve this, we are constantly experimenting and creating tools and resources that are easy for children to use and learn. Our evolution never stops, and we will always lead this education industry.
  • Jacopo


    Co-Director, Teacher

    I have always being interested in understanding how computers and technology work, and today I get to relive the first excitements of discovery and learning through the eyes of my students. I enjoy sharing and showing them how cool and fun tech can be. Witnessing their “a-ha!” moments is simply priceless and makes me feel proud.
  • Anwar



    I have experience in being a teacher and a programmer, this job allows me to do both and I am so grateful! Also ,I am envious of the students because I wish I had a class like this when I was younger. The environment is different from a typical classroom and it allows for different styles of learning with more focus on each individual student . I can see how talented kids can become from learning skills in programming and it makes me proud and hopeful for their futures.

Open Positions

We currently have the following open positions:

  • Teaching Assistant Internship

    details about the job are coming soon


    Interested in joining the team but not ready to apply at the moment?

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