Learn programming in Japan — like they do it Overseas.

YOUCODE is cram school run by a team of foreign tutors that teach Programming in English with the style and standards of Overseas.

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  1. Illustration of blocks of code with have cute faces

    AGE 4-6

    Programming Basics

    A beginner’s course that sets a solid foundation of the basics of technology and programming using block coding. The course covers fundamental programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements, sequences and more. No reading experience is required. Games and apps with visual programming languages teach programming logic and concepts before kids can read.

    About Programming Basics

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  2. Illustration of Scratch cat using a PC

    AGE 7–11

    Games development in Scratch

    Our customized curriculum expands on the Scratch platform to engage children in coding activities that reflect their unique interests. Scratch is a kids' programming language developed at MIT. Using virtual "blocks" rather than text, kids learn the logic of coding, complete fun projects and build a strong basis for future learning. The kids will learn to design, implement and test their own animations, stories and games.

    About Games development in Scratch

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  3. Illustration of two hands typing code on a PC

    AGE 10–16

    Coding for kids

    A beginner to intermediate level course where we introduce two real-life programming language that are versatile and powerful: CoffeeScript and Python. The course will help students apply key concepts of programming while learning and using Ptyhon syntax to build their own programs and games.

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Top 9 reasons to join us:

at YouCode:

  • Foreign Teachers

    Our teachers have native and advanced levels in English, and backgrounds in IT & CS

  • 1:4 Teacher to Student Ratio

    It ensures that kids receive all the guidance and support they need

  • Flexible Curriculum

    We design custom learning paths to the level of your kid


  • Improves Academic Performance

    See an impact on your kid's overall academic performance in various subjects.

  • Tech Literacy

    It’s important for kids to understand – and be able to innovate with – the technology around them.

  • Career preparation

    There’s a high demand for workers with coding skills in the tech industry.

in English:

  • Practical English

    Learn English not by studying, but by using it in real life situations and communications.

  • Open to the world

    Knowing English opens your kid to more opportunities in our globalized world

  • Doing it right

    Programming is all English based. Working in English is the best way to immerse your kid in the CS world.

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About us

Our Teachers

Our instructors are experts at engaging young children and teens, explaining complex subjects so they’re easy to understand, and giving kids the confidence they need to become digital creators.

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  • Kevin
  • Shweta
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